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April 2017 
Reabuilding the racebus

Mars 2017

Bike almost ready:

Februari 2017

First start up:

Januari 2016

Total Rebuilt of my bike
New engine, modefide, frame, New rim, modefide intake, new logger and ignition.
still hillborn and holset turbo (but bigger).

November 2015
Sorry did not go as plan
Engine is still not ready
We have moved hole shop to Kristianstad 600km from the old shop.
so we can say that now i start to build the bike again.
goal is to test run in Malmö raceway in spring and after that i decide what serie i run.

Januari 2015
The new engine is on the way in to the frame
and the plan is to testrun in april and try to win EDRS PRO Nordic cup.

Dec 2014
After a great seson 2013  we decide to build a new engine.
So next year we are going with a new engine 1700cc with a much better
gearbox 4 speed, and a new cluch with air control pressure plate.
and a new top fairing, and a new rim, and tyre 13 inch.
and by the way, we won the edrs central europe cup 2013.

Two weeks in Finland Alastaro 2013 Juni-Juli
 We went to two race in finland and stay between on the races.

The first race we had weisman 4 speed gear box in the bike and it work just as it shall.
and we did a person best 7.43 305kmh
it was 8 bike there and there was realy hard race ut we went to semifinal again
Even if i was the fastest bike i loose, becose i was a little slow on the tree
Then i check engine i had a broken head gasket so it went on 3 cylinders.
So we repare that between the races.

Nitronationals a very big race with the best of the best
we were 9 funnybikes and after the first round we broke the gearbox again
so we spend a hole day to built the bike to robinsson 3 speed gear box.
first rond out we vent 7.26 and 305kmh record again, next rond 7.13 and
it spinns in 300kmh so i chicken out and drop the trottle 50 m before finish line
so the top speed was just 285kmh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k38U6oz-8uY
qualifide at third place
i did two hard race before semi final and in the semi final, 3 gear didnt get any grip,
so i loose with 6 tens of an second against Charly Forsberg  
It was two fantasic weeks with, i think over 16 rounds and only one of them i did´nt finish
Lots of party, friends and hard race.

Tierp First Race 2013 May
It is always nervus first race shall it works,
and Yes it did we did 5-6 rounds an the best time was 7.53 and speed 303kmh
We did one round against Charly Forsberg but we almost hit becose he went down
and slide in to my lane, and hit the wall on the athor side of me on finish line in 270kmh.
He´s okey it went up on the weels again then he hit the wall.
The time were 7.26 but it did´nt count becose of the crash.
On the race we meet Rickard Gustavsson in Semifinal ( Word fastest Funnybike )
I was a bit slow in start but then it feels like my bike was almost same power but we
loose with 7.53 against his 6.55, the roud after that he´s bike were broke.

Kjula First test 2012 oktober
Now we have try the bike for the first time this year on Kjula raceway in Eskilstuna

We just did an test and tune
on saturday it rain until 15.00 and then i have one first test, but the cluch was way to soft so i burn it up and just came 100meters.
Next day sunday the sun was up and now i tryed with an new cluch and hard springs, but it stopt insted
And now for the last race for this weekend i get away very fast , but after 200 meters i loose the airfilter
and the time was just 8.3 249kmh but on 200 meters it was not bad 5,23 220kmh
you can see by your self on youtube
: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVJMP6vzaKA

Hasse 2012-09-15


Piston is redy compression is now just as it shall be, race head is race tuned the gear box are in right place
Now every thing just have to be put together and fixt in to the frame
and then it is time for a 6 sec run and 200 miles

building new engine
billet case, new pistons 1428cc, new crank, new weisman 4 speed transmission, and turbo controler
uppdating soon

Here you have a link from my last race in tierp on 45 psi boost


Date: 2011-04-27

Santa pod raceway England

Eastern powerball: Sol och perfekta förhållanden.

Det var så mycket grepp att bilar knäckte weeliebarsen

Första rundan för oss var naturligt vis mycket nervös, Ny hoj 15år sen sist, 30.000 åskådare 700hk

Behöverjag säga mycket mer.

Däck värmningen gick kanon men sen när jag skulle lämna linjen ville inte motorn hämta sig först. sen fick jag trycka två ggr för att få i tvåan och sen när trean gick i så spann jag över mål i 150kmt på tvären, ganska underhållande faktiskt.


Andra rundan konstaterade vi att vi bara hade 10 v. i batteriet presic innan trots att vi hade laddat i minst 1 timme

Burnisen gick kanon som vanligt. men sen gick jag ut snett mot muren men lyckades styra upp med hjulspinn, sen när jag rätade upp och slog i trea gick det utav bara helvete, jag måste tyvärr svära för det finns inget annat ord att beskriva känslan.

Tredje rundan fixat bränsle läckage på trycksidan nytt batteri och justerad koppling, Nu märktes det att det var fullt pulver i maskinen, så kommer jag bara rakt så garanterat en 7:a,

Varvar upp släpper kopplingen och bakhjulet snurrar 1/2 varv, växellådan delade blocket i två halvor, SLUT

Nu laddar vi för finland EUM med nytt block nya lager från ROTERA Ny koppling och renoverad växellåda och rätt comp i motorn.